Oleg Gorshkov took on leadership of AMBP Ventprom becoming the youngest head

On Monday, April 4, 2005, a new director, Oleg Vladimirovich Gorshkov, began his work at the Artyomovski Machine-Building Plant Ventprom. Egorshinskiye Vesti, a local newspaper, told about appointments of personnel at the enterprise.

From the article “The Youngest Director” of Egorshinskiye Vesti dated April 8, 2005:

“- The departments of the plant — commercial, financial, production and others — worked well on their own, but not very well-coordinated. Probably, this did not allow us to achieve the results we expected.
We hope that Oleg Gorshkov, who previously held the position of Commercial Director, will be able to restore the former glory of Artyomovski Machine-Building Plan among consumers of its products. Thanks to the commercial service, which he headed, the plant today is a far cry from the plant a year and a half ago”.