Uchalinsky GOK started installation of the fan system of Novo-Uchalinsky mine

April 5, 2018
In the complex of the main underground ventilation fan system of the Novo-Uchalinsky mine of the Uchalinsky GOK (an enterprise of the raw materials sector of UMMC), installation of two fans with a power of 1600 kW each has started. On the underground horizon of 144 meters, where they will be located, two chamber workings have been prepared. In the fan chamber No. 1, a concrete base has already been built and metal structures have been mounted.
Currently, the repair and installation department has started assembling and installing the 18-ton unit itself, which was transported underground in parts.

"We have not yet transported such large equipment as fan units into the mine", says workshop manager of the complex section of underground installation worksKonstantin Aptikeyev. –They usually remain on the surface. We had to disassemble each fan into two parts and transport them on sledges. The task was not easy. We need to descend along the open pit to the mine portal, then transport it through underground workings to the installation site. All was as it should".

The fan system is assembled and installed under the supervision of the specialists of the manufacturer АО Artyomovsky Machine Building Plant VENTPROM. The fan unit No. 1 is planned to be started in March. It will ensure the supply of fresh air to the lower horizons of the Novo-Uchalinsky mine under construction. The equipment costed about 130 million rubles.