Vice-Governor Alexey Orlov visited the unique plant Ventprom in Artyomovsky

February, 03, 2017
The unique plant, which is the only one in the Sverdlovsk region to produce ventilation equipment for mines and underground, increases its production. The local authorities paid a visit to the unique enterprise.

Machine Engineering Plant VENTPROM is the largest local employer of Artyomovsky. It produces the ventilation equipment for mines and underground.
The first Deputy Governor Alexey Orlov and the Minister of Industry of the region Sergey Perestoronin visited the production today. Sergey Perestoronin, Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region: "In general, it is unique for Russia with its technologies, its competencies, because no one else has produced this equipment since the Soviet Union, and if we lose this enterprise, it would mean a complete transition to import dependence – we would have to get this equipment from abroad."...