The main fan system has been launched at the Novo-Uchalinsky mine

May 16, 2018
In the underground complex of the main fan system of Uchalinsky mining and processing plant (UMMC enterprise r) the start-up and adjustment works of the VO-32/20 AR fan intended for the injflating of fresh air into the underground workings of Novo-Uchalinsky mine were started.
Installation of the fan equipment at the level of 144 meters was made by the repair and installation department of the plant. Miners performed test launches of the unit together with the specialists of the manufacturing plant AO Artemovsky Machine-Building Plant VENTPROM.

"During the tests, the fan is started several times for different periods of time, from 10 minutes to 72 hours. After each start-up representatives of VENTPROM perform an inspection of all its systems. While performing the adjustment work, we are building a concrete foundation for the second fan," said Vadim Khamitov, head of the repair and installation department of Uchalinsky mining and processing plant.

General construction and installation work on the first fan began in October last year: a reinforced frame was erected in the underground excavation, a concrete foundation was poured, hoisting devices were installed and communications were laid. Before installation, the 18-ton unit was disassembled into two parts and transported to the underground excavation on a sledge. It took almost a month and a half to install the fan and its electrical equipment.According to a special project, the ventilation scheme involves combining the Uchalinsky and Novo-Uchalinsky underground mines into one ventilation system.
The air is supplied from the fans from the surface to the 144th level, where the main fan unit with an 1600 kW electric motor redistributes it through the workings of the Novo-Uchalinsky mine.
The maximum capacity of the VO-32/20 AR fan is 470 m3/s. For comparison, an ordinary table fan can move up to 20 cubic meters of air per minute.