The gold mining in Buryatia is carried out with the help of Artyomovsky Machine Building Plant VENTPROM

Today, on October 25, the specialists of Artyomovsky Machine Building Plant VENTPROM started the delivery of the AVR-26 main ventilation fan unit.

This time, Buryatzoloto PJSC acted as the consignee and the customer (a part of the international gold mining company Nordgold). The ventilation system will be installed at the Kholbinsky mine (Republic of Buryatia, Okinsky district), 400 km from Irkutsk, at an altitude of 1720 m above sea level. The mining-geological and mining-technical conditions of the ore bodies of the Zun-Kholba deposit predetermined the underground method of mining the deposit. Currently, nine horizons up to the level of 1290 m has been opened in the mine.
According to calculations, the capacity of the new ventilation unit will be sufficient to ensure the extraction of aurigerous ore in the conditions of air intake from the rarefied atmosphere of the south-eastern part of the Eastern Sayan mountain system. The AVR-26 installation consists of two mutually reserved axial single-stage fans VO-26/17.6 AN with a diameter of the impeller of 2.6 m. The units in this series are compact, has simple design, are highly reliable in operation, and easy to maintain and repair. This type of fans change the direction of the air flow supplied by the fan to the opposite (reversing) by a special procedure of switches of the air flow inside the unit itself. Due to this the ventilation of mining is provided up to 100%. The flow reversal procedure, as well as remote monitoring and control of the fans in automatic mode, is carried out by the ACS-ATS26-IF control system.