Kuzbas miners received new fan system

October, 2018АО Artyomovsky Machine Building Plant VENTPROM delivered to the Chertinskaya –Koksovaya mine (OOO MMK-UGOL) AVM-18 main ventilation fan system with VO-18/10AR fans.
The representatives of the mine confirmed the fact of the system receipt today.AVM-18 consists of two mutually redundant axial fans with an impeller diameter of 1.8 m, operating alternately with an interval of one month. The system is distinguished by high operational reliability and ease of maintenance and repair.
The fan design includes units that have proven themselves in operation on Russian fans.The unit is equipped with an automatic control system (SAU-2VO18-2PCh), developed by Ventprom specialists, which will provide remote monitoring and control of the fans in automatic mode.Representatives of OOO MMK-Ugol accepted the equipment directly at AMZ Ventprom.
The specialists analyzed the manufacturing technology, quality of components and their manufacturers, operation of the automatic control system with displaying of monitored parameters and possibility of control from the operator's computer, tested emergency modes of the system.
According to the results of product acceptance by the customer's representatives, the equipment was found to be of proper quality and manufactured in accordance with all requirements.
Representatives of OOO MMK-UGOL also highly appreciated the technical level of production of AO AMZ Ventprom and expressed a desire to prolong cooperation and continue deliveries of the plant's products to the facilities of OOO MMK-UGOL.
The cost of the ventilation complex developed according to the individual technical specifications of the customer was approximately 24 million rubles.