Six New High-Power Fans Will Be Installed in the Baku Metro

According to the Report, the contract was entered into with Artyomovski Machine-Building Plant Ventprom (Russia) due to that.
Before that, the Baku Metro has thoroughly studied this field’s companies and systems and chose the best option. The Russian company’s fans are notable for their efficiency and are superior to the alternatives from the other world’s countries by quality and technical parameters. This equipment is more suitable in terms of economy, easier to maintain, repair and inspect. It is more energy-efficient in terms of electric power, and the control cabinets are frequency converters. The server maintenance is easier and simpler, and the company provides it several times more often than the foreign manufacturers.
Two types of fans have been ordered, by their purpose. Four highest-power VOM 24-R type fans having the power of 75 kW are designed for the tunnels ventilation. Another two VOM 20 type fans have the power of 55 kW. Those will ventilate the stations and the nearby tunnels.
The new fans are more powerful and efficient in comparison to the previous equipment and will provide 2 - 3 times more fresh air to the station and the tunnels.
The control thereof will also be centralized, in compliance with today’s requirements. For this purpose, fiber-optic cables and state-of-the-art wiring control cabinets will be used. Also, the new fans have the swift and flexible mode switching feature that improves safety, especially in cases of emergency.
The new fans will be installed at the red line in Gara Garayev to Neftchilar direction and Ahmedli to Hazi Aslanov direction and at the green line in Jafar Jabbarli and Hatai directions.
In addition to that, the work for improvement of the natural ventilation in the tunnels and stations of the metro is being consistently pursued. For this purpose, purchase and installation of dampers are also planned for the year 2022.