O. Gorshkov, Director General of VENTPROM: “We have created a competitive world-class plant for eight years”

January, 09, 2017
During the war years, a mining equipment repair plant was evacuated from the Ryazan region to the small city of Artyomovsky in Urals, where today a little more than 30 thousand people live. In the post-war period, the company was reconstructed and engaged in the production of industrial fans. During the Soviet years, the plant became a leader in this field. However, by the early 2000s, the company has already been in a deplorable state. In 2008, the plant was acquired by private investors, who created modern enterprise of the European level - AMZ Ventprom, which has no analogues in Russia on the base of the old. All the undergrounds of Russia are equipped with its products - unique ventilation systems, as well as transport tunnels and underground mines in different countries. Oleg Gorshkov, Director General of the plant, told the Interfax-Ural news agency about the current state of the enterprise, its achievements and what the Russian industry may lose.