VENTPROM delivers unique fan settings to the Kola Peninsula

August, 09, 2018Currently, two AVM-50 main ventilation fan units are produced by the Artyomovsky Machine Building Plant VENTPROM (Sverdlovsk region).
The fan units are produced by an order of Apatit AO (a part of the PhosAgro Group), the world's largest enterprise for the production of high-grade phosphate raw materials. This year, the fan unit will be presented to the Customer at the Kirovsky mine of the Apatit Combine, where underground mining of apatite-nepheline ores is currently actively conducted at the Kukisvumchorsky and Yuksporsky fields. Each installation consists of two axial fans VO-50/32, 5AR, with a diameter of impellers of 5 meters, working alternately at intervals of one month.
The metal structure 25 meters wide, 70 meters long and weighing about 140 tons, will be installed on the surface of the mine in a specially equipped building. The unit provides ventilation of the mine workings with an air supply volume of 220-1300 cubic meters per second, which will ensure the sufficiently comfortable conditions for ore extraction in the multi-kilometer tunnels of the Kirovsky mine. The work of the fan unit is fully automated.
A network resistance change may be observed during the operation. That is why the fans are equipped with special control equipment (ACS). The integrated use of automatic control systems of the ACS-2VO50-2HR allows to provide the remote automated control and managing of the main and auxiliary technological objects – supply ventilation, emergency exhaust ventilation and air heating system. It is worth noting that these automatic control systems of the plant are the unique development of Ventprom specialists and meet all the quality requirements of their European counterparts. Ventprom's products are not inferior in quality to European manufacturers thanks to the high-quality materials, modern equipment, and components of leading European companies in the production of installations.