Powerful fans produced in the Sverdlovsk region are installed in Bashkiria

Uchalinsky GOK (Uchaly, Bashkiria, a part of UMMC) has started the installation of an underground fan unit in the Novo-Uchalinsky mine. The equipment for amount of 130 million rubles was manufactured by the Artyomovsky Machine Building Plant VENTPROM.
“Such cooperation is an example of successful relationship of enterprises between regions. The priority for the development of the industrial complex, identified by the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region Yeugeny Kuyvashev, is the development of interregional and international relations," noted the Minister of Industry and Science of the region Sergey Perestoronin. According to the press service of UMMC, two fans with a capacity of 1600 kW each are currently being installed. Two chamber work are prepared on the underground horizon of the 144th meter, where they will be located. A concrete base in the fan chamber No. 1 has been already built, and metal structures have been installed.
Currently, the repair and installation department has begun to assemble and install the 18-ton unit itself, which was partially transported underground. "We have not yet run such large equipment as fan units into the mine. We had to disassemble each fan into two parts and take it by sled.
It was a challenge - we had to descend the equipment through the quarry to the gate of the mine, then transport it through underground workings to the place of mounting. Everything went as it was planned," said the workshop manager of a complex underground installation works Konstantin Aptikaev. The fan unit No. 1 is scheduled to be put into operation in March.  
It will provide fresh air to the lower horizons of the Novo-Uchalinsky mine under construction.