Siemens AG cooperates with the Artemovsky Machine-Building Plant VENTPROM

August, 03, 2018
Siemens AG supplies Artyomovsky Machine Building Plant VENTPROM with high-voltage equipment and microprocessor technology for amount of more than 1 million euros.
Representatives of the Russian division of the German concern and the management of the Sverdlovsk enterprise discussed the conclusion of the next contract the day before.
VENTPROM specialists have developed a basic set of automatic control system (ACS) for the main ventilation fans, which varies depending on the customer's requirements and is largely completed with Siemens AG products.Such cooperation is not accidental for the Artyomovsky plant - Siemens is the market leader in the segment of industrial automation and produces world-class products.

“We benefit a lot from the cooperation with Siemens, as their products are of a high technical level, reliable and easy to operate, and, what is also important for us, the pricing policy of Siemens AG is characterized by considerable flexibility in relation to priority partners,” said Pavel Vyatkin, First Deputy Director General of AMZ Ventprom.

The concern produces and provides VENTPROM with high-tech equipment: programmable logic controllers, which are used in ACS by ventilation units as a central control device, as well as high-voltage frequency converters for smooth start and speed control of ventilation units.
Automatic control system of ventilation units is a controller, the “brains” of the unit.  
This most important element of the complex performs many different functions: it starts the fan, ensures operation in all modes, regulates the number of rotations, performs emergency protection functions in the event of overloads, excessive vibration, bearing temperature and other controlled parameters. VENTPROM is a bargain for us.
Moreover, we already have a long-term history of productive relationship.
Our headquarters, including the above, has an idea that will be documented in the nearest future.
It consists of shooting a promotional film on the VENTPROM site, which both our companies can use in the future as a presentation for potential partners.
We want to show that we already have well-proven joint integrated solutions using the VENTPROM's installations. We have not made such offers to anyone else in Russia," said Dmitry Ozerov, Sales Director of the Electric Motors and Frequency Converters division of Siemens LLC.
According to the press service of the AMZ Ventprom, the concern Siemens AG and the plant annually conclude contracts for amount of more than 3 million euros.