Unique fan made in the Urals to be installed at Nornickel mine

April 5, 2018 Opening new frontiers.
On March 22, 2018, Artyomovsky Machine-Building Plant ‘Ventprom’ will ship the VCD-47 ‘Sever’ fan system to Norilsk Nickel. On the previous day, the customer's experts had accepted the unit and declared it “manufactured with proper quality and fit for operation.”The VCD-47 ‘Sever’ centrifugal fan, capable of delivering 510 cubic meters of air per second, was created for the Komsomolsky mine of Nornickel's Talnakh Ore Cluster.
Launching the fan system will help to open new frontiers of of sulfide copper-nickel ore mining at the Talnakh Ore Cluster deposits.To ensure reliable and trouble-free operation of the system in the Far North, modern technical solutions have been implemented - for example, an additional keyed connection between the hub and the fan rotor shaft has been eliminated. Additionally, modern European production drives have been implemented in the switches of the flow reversal devices complex (KSRP) and the power reset devices of maintenance-free bearings.As the AMZ Ventprom press service has informed Uralinformburo, 12 units of special equipment will be used to deliver a 150-ton fan with an impeller diameter of 4.7 meters to the seaport.Earlier, the Donetsk Machine-Building Plant's fans were used at Norilsk Nickel's enterprises, facilities, but later the supply of equipment from Ukraine was discontinued. AO AMZ Ventprom, who is now the only domestic manufacturer of main ventilation fan systems for mines, tunnels and underground, has successfully joined the process of creating modern analogues to import-substituting products. Thanks to the technologies used, the Urals units are as high quality as their European counterparts.It is noteworthy that AO Artyomovsky Machine-Building Plant VENTPROM has representative offices in Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Belarus, Iran, Bulgaria and India.