AMZ Ventprom helps to modernize the Moscow Metro

September, 21, 2018Delivering the unique fans.
The ventilation system of the Moscow Metro was supplemented by six VOM-20 and VOM-18R fan units produced by the Artyomovsk Machine Building Plant VENTPROM.
The units will be installed on the Sokolnicheskaya line, between the stations Salarievo and Stolbovo. According to the press service of the AMZ Ventprom, the fans delivered to the Metro differ fundamentally from the installations of the previous series.
They are produced according to a simplified design scheme, including a single impeller without input and output guide devices.
The design features assuming long-term and reliable operation, are unique construction of the design office of the plant. Ventprom's products are not inferior in quality to European manufacturers thanks to the high-quality materials, modern equipment, and components of leading European companies in the production of installations. The fan motor, created using SKF bearings, is capable to operate for two hours at temperatures up to 400 degrees and is protected against overheating of the bearings and windings.
The blades and hubs of the lightweight impeller are made of aluminum alloy using high-precision European casting (Germany).
Reducing the load on the bearing units of the electric motor ensures its durability. Using a highly efficient aerodynamic scheme allows us to provide the required ventilation modes at the low speeds of the impeller.
The customer will save on the construction of silencing chambers due to the improved noise characteristics. Automatic control system ACS-PTO-75-IF and ACS-PTO-45-IF allow us to remotely monitor and manage the main and auxiliary objects - ventilation, emergency ventilation, and others.
Both ACS are unique constructions of Ventprom and are not inferior in quality to their European counterparts. At the moment, the ventilation system in the Moscow Metro has been updated by 70%. The work is expected to be fully completed in 2020. "Every next year, the underground stations have more fresh air thanks to the update program of the ventilation system. Now it is more than 70% complete, and in 2020 the modern and powerful ventilation units of domestic production will be installed in all the mines of the Moscow Metro," noted Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of the Russian capital.