AMZ VENTPROM directs its attention to the Kursk magnetic anomaly A unique cargo delivered to the Chernozem region.
Artyomovsky Machine Building Plant VENTPROM shipped an AVM VO 36/23AR fan unit complete with an automatic control system of the ACS – 2VO36-2IF to Gubkin (Belgorod region) on June 4. This company develops the most powerful iron-ore basin in the world — the Kursk magnetic anomaly. "The installation consists of two axial fans with an impeller diameter of 3.6 meters, working alternately at an interval of one month.
The metal structure, 38 meters long, 19 meters wide and 5.5 meters high, will be installed in a special equipped room at the mine named after the outstanding geologist Ivan Mikhailovich Gubkin,” reported the press service of the AMZ VENTPROM to Uralinformburo. The installation is characterized by an increased operational reliability, easy maintenance.
The components of the fan design have proven themselves in operation on domestic fans.
It also uses design solutions from European manufacturers’ fans - Swedish bearings produced by SKF, couplings produced by KTR, modern electromechanical brakes, drives of auxiliary mechanisms produced by SEW Eurodrive, Germany. It is worth noting that the contract was executed on time and conforms strictly the technical specifications. The next stage is the construction of a special superstructure, installation and adjustment of equipment supervised by specialists of AMZ VENTPROM.