Kuyvashev saw the development of the plant VENTPROM, rescued from raiders

August, 08, 2017Acting Governor of the Sverdlovsk region Yevgeny Kuyvashev appreciated the work of the Artyomovsky Machine Building Plant VENTPROM, which produces fans for tunnels, subways, mines, gas-suction fans, dust collectors and other products for leading companies in Russia and the CIS, reports the correspondent ofNakanune.RU.His today's visit to VENTPROM was the first since the arbitration court in June of this year withdrawed the company's obligation to pay almost 1.5 billion rubles ]in favor of the former shareholder of Gross LLC.

It is worth reminding that if the decision of the court of first instance came into force, the plant would cease to exist. Experts did not rule out that the enterprise was raided. Today, VENTPROM is a rapidly developing company that produces unique products for the whole country. First Deputy General Director of the plant Pavel Vyatkin spoke about two modernization programs that have been carried out at the enterprise since 2010...