Combined dust collector PK-35 is designed for final air cleaning by dry and wet method at coal preparation plants

PK35 dust collector

Combined dust collector PK-35 is designed for final air cleaning by dry and wet method at coal preparation plants

Can be equipped with automatic control systems

PK-35 design and operation principle

Combined dust collector PK-35 consists of a dust collector, a fan, an adapter, and a sluice feeder. Dust collector housing consists of a droplet separator, cyclone with blade grid, Venturi tube and hopper with a separating element and an outlet spigot.
The dusty air enters the upper part of the cyclone by means of the fan through the adapter. The centrifugal force causes the solid particles to concentrate on the inner surface of the cyclone body and move downward in a spiral.

Through the annular slot formed by the separating element and cyclone casing, the concentrated dust gets into the expanding cavity of the hopper, where due to the drop of speed and statistical pressure of air flow the dry dust falls out under the action of gravitational forces, settles in the hopper and is discharged by the sluice feeder.

Then the air enters the Venturi type annular space of the separating element, where it is intensively irrigated by the liquid coming out under pressure from the holes of the perforated cone and the sludge water from the collector.When the gases pass through the separation element, the dust, under the action of inertial forces, is deposited on the surfaces of the blades and perforated walls, moistened with liquid, as well as on the numerous water droplets formed as a result of crushing when they cross the path of dust particles with higher speed.

The resulting mixture from the inner container of the hopper through the outlet pipe and water trap is removed into the water-sludge system of the plant, the final wetting and coagulation of fine particles takes place in the Venturi tube.

In the droplet separator, the sludge water is separated by means of a blade grid deposited on the inner surface of the droplet separator, collected on the inclined partition of the housing and fed through discharge nozzles to the separation element for reuse. Purified air is discharged through the outlet into the atmosphere.

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