The fan is designed to remove methane-air mixtures (methane concentration from 0 to 100%) from the mine sections.

Fan is designed for removing methane-air mixtures (methane concentration from 0 to 100%) from the mine sections.

Operation is possible under the following atmospheric conditions: temperature of transported mixture from 228° to 323°K, dust content up to 150 mg/m³, density up to 1.2 kg/m³, relative humidity up to 98% (at a temperature of 298°K), and at a height above sea level up to 1000 m.

The fan is installed on the mine surface.

Electric motor
Split housing

UVTsG-15 design and features

The fan is mounted on a frame separately from the drive motor, however, for ease of installation, operation and movement, there are beams for mounting the fan with a drive motor on a single foundation.

The fan consists of a frame, a rotor, a volute casing, a vortex vane, a drive motor connected to the rotor shaft with a gear coupling.

The fan can be supplied as a part of the plant with a switching device.

the impeller is made according to the highly loaded aerodynamic scheme

the impeller blades have a special profile, which makes it possible to allows providing a high pressure characteristic of the fan without increasing the sound power

the explosion-proof RV-4V version of the electric motor

the set of electrical equipment has explosion-proof design

original design of the flexible explosion-proof vibration-proof seal with brass elements eliminates the effect of vibration of the units connected to the fan

bypass chamber at the shaft entry into the volute casing and the seal chamber at the outlet of the vortex guide vane, suction housing brass seal at the entrance to the impeller and the brass coupling guard eliminates sparking, since the flanges of the chamber seals and the guard are made of brass

automation equipment provides prompt control of the vibration level and emergency shutdown of the unit.

UVTsG-15 technical specifications

UVTsG-15 aerodynamic characteristics
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