The VOD-21 axial two-stage reversible fan is designed for main ventilation systems of coal and ore mines


VOD-21M fan application
The VOD-21M axial two-stage reversible fan is designed for main ventilation of coal and ore mines, as well as ventilation systems of plants in other industries, used to move air and non-aggressive gases.

The airflow is reversed by changing the rotation direction of the electric drive motor while simultaneously changing the setting angle of the guide vane blades by 180° and straightener blades by 160°. Reversing provides 60-70% of the rated air supply for direct operation without the use of bypass ducts.

The fans can be used for both suction and discharge ventilation systems.

Can be equipped with automatic control systems

VOD-21M fan design

The VOD-21M fan consists of a housing with guide vane and straightener, a rotor, a transmission shaft, a frame, a spinner, a manifold, a brake, a diffuser, and an electric drive motor.

The mine ventilation system consists of operating and standby fans, a set of reversing and flow switching devices, drive motors, automation and control equipment.

The equipment is installed in a common facility.

The fan frame is fixed to the stationary foundation with foundation bolts. The frame has a housing with a horizontal connector.

The lower part of the housing supports the radial and angular contact bearings of the rotor.

Guide and straightener vanes with swivel blades are built into the housing. Simultaneous rotation of the blades is done by electric drives via the drive rings of the rotating mechanism.

The rotor consists of two impellers of the first and second stage, mounted on the shaft with keys.

Steel volumetric blades are mounted on the steel hubs of the impellers.

A special spring-loaded ring attachment allows the blades to be rotated manually when the fan is stopped within a range of setting angles from 15° to 45° to regulate supply and pressure.

Fine adjustment (within 5-10%) is made by simultaneously turning the guide vane blades.

The transmission shaft is suspended, and connects the drive motor and rotor shafts by toothed couplings.

The fan is equipped with an electrically operated pad brake.

The fan can be supplied with a set of reversing and flow switching devices. The kit for reversing the air stream and switching from an operating fan to a standby one consists of two switch doors in the suction channel, and a diffuser door.

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