Designed for main ventilation of mines and can be used in other industries


Reversible block-modular main ventilation units of ATS type, dimension range ATS-12, ATS-14, ATS-16, ATS-18, ATS-21, ATS-22, ATS-24, ATS-26, ATS-28, ATS-30, ATS-32, ATS-36, ATS-38, ATS-40. ATS-42, ATS-45 (the dimensional designation corresponds to the diameter of the fan impeller) are designed for main ventilation of mines and can be used in other industries and processes, where ventilation with the possibility of reversing the air stream up to 100% and active fan redundancy are required.

Can be equipped with automatic control systems

Electric drive motor
Volute chamber
Output box
Fan VO-A

ATS design and features

The AVR type unit consists of two fan units, each consisting of an axial unidirectional fan VO-A with a volute chamber, inlet and outlet boxes and a drive motor, two modular flow switches containing electromechanically actuated four-position rotary dampers, two vertical volute chambers, and an atmospheric and a supply duct.

Depending on the mutual position of the flow switch dampers, direct or reversible operation of one of the two fans while the other fan is redundant, or cutting the unit off from the mine network

Careful aerodynamics optimization of the system's flow channel and its individual active aerodynamic elements ensures a minimum level of static pressure loss

The design of the swivel elbow-flaps of the flow switch group together with a special flow alignment vane system is optimized by finite element analysis and balanced relative to the pivotal axis, which ensures minimum effort and quick rearrangement

Efficient flow switch sealing system reduces air leaks during operation

Elements of each fan unit are mounted on a common frame, which provides increased reliability of the "motor-fan" system

Closed duct system (atmospheric duct communicates is connected to the outlet diffuser) guarantees non-frosting of the ventilation system at sub-zero temperatures

The vertical design of the diffuser and the special lining of its inner surface provide effective noise suppression and its good radiation pattern

Key features of new ventilation systems are compact size, simple design, high operational reliability, and ease of maintenance and repair

Scheme of air mass flow inside the AVR un
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