High-pressure axial single-stage fans of the Aerovent-VO-AN series are designed for a wide range of industrial applications, including the mines main ventilation systems and mines as part of AVR units.


VO-AN fan application fields
High-pressure axial single-stage fans of the VO-AN series are designed for a wide range of industrial applications, including the mines and pit main ventilation systems with an air supply range of 10-1200 m3/s and a static pressure of 500-11000 Pa, mainly as part of AVR reversible block modular units.

Optimal selection of solidity of the standard size range models provides a rated total efficiency of at least 87-90%

Standard size range VO-12AN; VO-14AN; VO-16AN; VO-18AN; VO-21AN; VO-22AN; VO-24AN; VO-26AN; VO-28AN; VO-30AN; VO-32AN; VO-36AN; VO-38AN; VO-40AN, VO-42AN, VO-45AN, VO-50AN (axial fan - impeller diameter, dm)

Electric motor

VO-AN design

The basic version of the fan consists of a casing with a stationary straightener, a rotor group including a shaft and an impeller with swivel blades, an inlet box which can occupy various technologically necessary positions, a diffuser, a spinner, bearing supports, a coupling, a brake, a frame and an electric motor.

U and T climatic categories of the fans, placement category 3 according to GOST 15150, climatic categories of the fans electrical equipment are specified in its manuals.

The fans are manufactured either
with remote (VO-A) or built-in
(VO-AV) electric motors

Can be operated in both suction and discharge ventilation systems.

Suitable for other systems that supply air with the specified parameters.
The rotor bearings are located in the hub of the housing straightener and on the frame respectively, on which the electric motor is also located. The specified fan versions are additionally equipped with anti-stall devices, stationary inlet guide vanes (IGV) or special IGV with swing flaps.

Fans are built on special versions of the new high-pressure aerodynamic configuration, which ensures of the maximum full efficiency of fans with inlet box and diffuser at the level of 87-90%, depending on the hub-to-tip ratio of the standard size;

The rotor group and impeller blade system of each fan size are optimized by finite element strength analysis, including dynamic analysis, with careful tuning out the structure natural frequencies from the frequency of forced load and its multiplicity;

The single-stage fan design without a suspended intermediate shaft and mounting of the fan-motor system on a common frame increase the operational reliability of the unit;

Fans operation mode regulation is performed by changing the impeller blades setting angle when the fan is stopped (basic version), or on-the-go by turning the flaps of special IGV with electromechanical actuator (combination of these two methods ensures the highest regulation efficiency);

The use of stationary or adjustable inlet guide vanes makes it possible to increase the maximum pressure of the fan by 15-20% compared to the basic version without reducing the achieved level of efficiency;

The modern methods of aeroacoustic design of blade systems and elements of the fans flow channel ensure a minimum level of noise generation directly in the source of formation.

Design versions of the VO-A fan series
Remote electric motor
Built-in electric motor

Each product we manufacture at AO AMZ VENTPROM is adapted to customer needs and operating characteristics