Designed for the mines main ventilation systems used in the mining industry


VP fan application
Mine axial shaft fan of VP series has a rated capacity from 50 to 3300 m³, and a rated total pressure from 3500 to 8700 Pa for air density up to 1.2 kg/m³. It is designed for the mines main ventilation systems used in the mining industry and operated under atmospheric conditions with a temperature of transported air from 228 to 323 K, dust content up to 150 mg/m³ and relative humidity up to 98% (at 298 K (25 °C)) at a height above sea level up to 1000 m
Main electric drive
Hydraulic gear for blades turning

VP fan design

'VP' stands for Variable Pitch, i.e. adjusting the rotation angle of the impeller blade of the axial main ventilation fan.

U and T climatic categories of the fans, placement category 3, U and T climatic categories of the fans' electrical equipment, placement category 4 according to GOST 15150.

Wide range of fan operating modes with a maximum efficiency of 88%

The unique aerodynamic design provides high technical and cost-effective performance.

Innovative mechanism that provides a smooth power transition from zero to maximum without stopping the fan.

Can be used in other systems that provide air supply of the specified characteristics.

Fans are suitable for use in both suction and discharge ventilation systems.

- Easy fan start-up in systems with initial pressure, with closed valve(s), parallel operation of several fans possible

– Aerodynamics optimization by simply changing the number of impeller blades and/or the blade profile (for low, medium, or high pressure)

– Rotation direction of the impeller in forward and reverse operation modes remains unchanged. Reverse mode is made possible by changing the blade rotation angle with the passage of the «zero point»

Reference designation

VP - 37,5/22,4-P3–745-B9–1-U3 - TU 3146 - 024 - 72370116 – 2015.

Example of the identification code
of a mine axial shaft fan:
impeller diameter is 3750 mm;
impeller hub diameter is 2240 mm;
high pressure rotation speed is 745 rpm;
inlet box + impeller + straightener + diffuser + cowl of reverse design included;
U climatic category; 3rd category version
VP-XX, X/YY, Y-Px-nn-Bz-x;

VP — variable pitch

XX, X — fan diameter (m / 10)

YY, Y – hub diameter (m / 10)

Px — pressure

x = 1 — LPP_1 – blade profile, L – low pressure;
x = 2 — MPP_1 – blade profile M – medium pressure;
x = 3 — HPP_1 – blade profile H – high pressure;

nn – rotation speed, rpm

Bz – design type
z = 3 — Impeller + straightener + hub diffuser (conical rear)
z = 4 — Impeller + straightener + cowl
z = 5 — Impeller + straightener + diffuser + conical rear (tunnel version)
z = 9 — Inlet box + impeller + guide vane + diffuser + cowl (diffuser as per z = 4)

x – reverse design

х = 0 — Reverse design is not available
x = 1 — Reverse design is available (min 60%)

VP series fans specifications
Each product we manufacture at AO AMZ VENTPROM is adapted to customer needs and operating characteristics