Designed for ventilation of dead-end coal and ore mine workings, including mine workings with gas and dust hazard


Axial single-stage local ventilation fan of VME series (VME-5; VME-6; VME-8; VME2-10A; VME-12A) with explosion-proof removable motor is designed for ventilation of dead-end coal and ore mine workings, including mine workings with gas and dust hazard, at air density up to 1.3 kg/m3, temperature from 253K to 308K, dust content up to 50 mg/m3, and relative humidity up to 95% (at a temperature of 298K).

Fans can be equipped with a monitoring and diagnostic system with the possibility of outputting information to the dispatcher's AWS.

Explosion-proof motor
Inlet manifold
Antistall device

VME fan design

The fan consists of an integrated removable motor with a special terminal box, straightener, impeller, inlet manifold, antistall device, connecting outlet nozzle, skids, and noise muffler.

Dynamic balancing of the impellers with a high accuracy class ensures durable and reliable operation of the fan.

The fan is manufactured for conditions U5 and T5 according to GOST 15150.

The motor bed at the free end of the shaft is equipped with a groove for installing the motor in the fan housing. The motor is attached to the fan housing with a ring and four bolts.

The impeller is installed at the cantilever end of the rotor shaft; the profiled rotating blades are mounted on a cone hub of the impeller. Regulation of the total pressure developed by the fan in the working area is performed by rotating the impeller blades when the fan is at a standstill.

The housing is equipped with a straightener, which ensures the straightening of the air flow and increases the total pressure of the fan.

The manifold improves air inlet conditions, increases total pressure, and reduces fan noise. The fan is connected to the pipe column by means of a nozzle on which the rubberized pipes are secured with a clamp.

An antistall device extends the fan operating range and prevents its surging.

The fan housing is equipped with arrows indicating the direction of air flow and the direction of the wheel rotation.

The current from the mains is brought by cable type KOGESH through the terminal box.

For ease of transportation and installation, the fan is mounted on skids and equipped with loops on the housing to hang it from the mine roof.


acoustic characteristics
*Note: Corrected sound power level according to GOST 23941-79, without noise muffler not exceeding 109 dBA at maximum full efficiency factor; 103 dBA with a muffler.

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