The VC-25M centrifugal fan is designed for main ventilation systems of coal and ore mines.

VC-25M fan application
The VC-25M centrifugal fan is designed for main ventilation systems of coal and ore mines. It can also be used in other industries to ventilate non-aggressive gases with low solids content.

The fan is designed for operation in a special room on the surface of mines or pits. It can be used separately or as a part of the system with operating and reserve fans, as well as for parallel operation with two or more fans.
Working wheel
Protecting cover
Electric motor
Guide vane

VC-25M fan design

The VC-25M centrifugal fan is manufactured in right- and left-handed versions, and consists of the following main assemblies: an impeller, a housing, a guide vane, a guide vane actuator, and an electric drive motor.

The mine ventilation system consists of two fans, right- or left-handed, electric drive motors, auxiliary equipment, and automation and control devices.

The all-welded impeller is mounted on the fan shaft with a key on a tapered nozzle.

The rotor load is absorbed by radial and angular contact spherical bearings. Bearings grease is liquid and of circulating type. The fan operating mode is controlled by an axial guide vane, which blades are remotely set to the required angle from +60о to -10о by an electromechanical actuator. The fan casing and frame are welded construction, bolted to the concrete foundation.

The fan is driven by an electric motor through a toothed coupling.

The fan can be supplied with a kit of reversing and flow switching group.

VC-25 fan specifications

VC-25 fan aerodynamic characteristics
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